The Path to Tyranny Reviews

The Path to Tyranny Reviews

Amazon: 4.2 stars (35 customer reviews)

Goodreads: 4.5 stars (23 ratings, 8 reviews)

Ana the Imp: The Path to Tyranny is a lucid and compelling treatment of an important subject, one that should be of interest to all who value liberty… An important book that really does speak to the times, a book that holds up a Janus-like mirror to the present, showing past futures.

Arkansas Conservative News Network: The Path to Tyranny is a must read book. If you read no other book this year, The Path to Tyranny is the one that you need to read… The only way to defeat tyranny is to recognize it, expose it, and educate others. The Path to Tyranny is an excellent place to start.

Conservative Monitor/Bookstore: As The Path to Tyranny so ably illustrates, in example after example, the ultimate result of this process is the loss of freedom, the degradation of the economy, and general misery… There are lessons here for America. Mr. Newton’s clear and concise writing style makes them crystal clear… I kept thinking that this book is irrefutable. I can’t imagine an academic or politician arguing intelligently with Newton’s assertions or his conclusions.

The LL Book Review: I have only two words to describe it: Brilliant and Intelligent! … Newton draws you and obviously knows how to relate to his reader.  A sign of a good teacher, perhaps? … Newton’s book is impressive on all accounts.  It’s solid – inside and out.  The book’s cover is beautiful and eye catching.  Although it only contains 8 lengthy chapters, each is informative and not a page is wasted.  Newton had my full attention throughout… If you loved history back in the day, or even if you hated it, Newton’s book will astound you and open the eyes of the student inside all over again.

What Would The Founders Think? Author Michael Newton has set out the warning signs on the path from liberty to tyranny… The path to tyranny is clearly marked and the signs, regardless of location, are remarkably repetitive.  When free societies permit their economic systems to fall under government control, loss of freedom and penury are not long in coming… He makes a compelling case for restraining government before America travels that well-worn path.